Jewelry Care

Chlorine water, salt water, perspiration, soap, perfumes, make-up, lotions and hair spray are all potentially damaging to your gold-plated and brass jewelry. Always remove your Haybelle Co jewelry before applying lotion, sun screen, exercising, swimming and spraying perfume or hairspray. Sometimes the PH of your skin can cause some of the brass to leave marks on skin. Just know that is normal and washes off. 

Wipe your jewelry lightly with a soft cotton cloth after wearing to keep it clean of make-up and skin oils. Use a tiny drop of liquid soap if needed, but never an abrasive cleaner. Store your Haybelle Co. jewelry in the cloth dust bag it came in, or a velvet-lined jewelry box separate from other jewelry so that is does not become scratched. Keep anti-tarnish paper in your jewelry box or drawer to help reduce tarnishing. 

All items have vintage elements therefore, any variations including age and or texture in surface we do not consider to be imperfections, but rather evidence of the hand-made nature of the product.